The Phish Skull Studies

Not just reading the book,


A shower thought (and drawing lots of Dead art) led me to doing some skull studies recently.  My original thought was some kind of Mike Gordon Steal Your Face/F ck Your Face mashup, and led to this series of Skulls inspired by the members of the band.  I started these over Thanksgiving weekend (Trey was drawn while waiting for Thanksgiving dinner to be ready) and got a positive response online.  I had originally done these to as practice drawing skulls/ using crosshatching techniques, but upon the insistence of the interwebs, finished up the set and made prints for sale.

Prints are for sale in my shop, and I have them available in several sizes.  I have prints of all four images in 11×17 and 8.5×11 sizes, as well individual prints of Cactus, Big Red, Henrietta, and the Chairman of the Boards, or a suite of…

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New art added to my shop!

Not just reading the book,

I just added over 30 new prints and original watercolors to my shop this weekend!  I found a bunch of prints that were made originally the the Phanart Show that took place at World Live Cafe during the Phish run at the Mann Center.  I forgot about them until recently when I found a portfolio with the unsold prints. The prints were made from the original watercolors I used for the song illustrations I use in my setlists.


I have some of the original watercolors from which the prints were made from.  These are ink and watercolor on 6×8 140lb cold press paper.


I also have some of the original watercolor paintings that I used for some of the show headers.  While I generally do a mixture of tradition and digital for my headers, these are done traditionally (ink and waterolor) on 8.5×11 paper.


They are all reasonably priced ($25…

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A Celebration of Life

I was recently asked to create a poster for a benefit event in honor of Chris “Buzz” Deardorff, a great friend and musician who recently passed away.  He leaves behind a wife and daughter, for whom the event will benefit.

buzzposter copy

Now available for sale

I am also selling a signed a numbered edition of the poster, from which all the proceeds will benefit the Deardorff family.  I’ll have about 25 on hand at the show, and the remaining 25 will be available online for those that may not be able to make the event, but would like to help out Jess and Josey. Posters are 11×17 on cardstock, and they are available here directly via my site and will be mailed out after the event on 11/28.



Jazz is Phish- Brooklyn Bowl 12/19/15

The folks I did the Without a Net poster for really liked it, and gave me the opportunity to do another poster for an upcoming show at the Brooklyn Bowl in NYC!  This is an all star line up playing the music of Phish, jazz style!  It features members of DMB, Snarky Puppy, Sun Ra, Strange Design, and more.  Find more info via the Facebook Event page

Dead and Company : 11/5/15 Philadelphia, Pa

Not just reading the book,

I made these posters for the the Dead & Co. show at the Wells Fargo Center in Philly.  I live about a mile or so from the venue, so it seemed logical to make something for this event (and maybe score a ticket below face). Although I didn’t get a ticket, I was able to stream the show, and promptly headed back afterwards.  I still have some remaining prints, and have them available in my  shop.

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Without A Net: A Sonic Exploration of the Music of the Grateful Dead

Not just reading the book,

WithoutANet poster

I recently had the opportunity to design the poster for an upcoming show at the Ardmore Music Hall.   The illustration is ink and watercolor, with hand drawn lettering inspired by the iconic fonts associated with the Grateful Dead.

The show features Reed Mathis (Billy & the Kids), Todd Stoops (RAQ), Marcus Rezak (Stratosphere Allstars), Scotty Zwang (Dopapod), Hayley Jane, and Special Guests TBA.

More info can be found via the facebook event page , and tickets are available here:

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Summer 2015 Setlists

Here’s what I spent this summer working on.  I also did some non-Phish stuff, and a couple of shows (I’ll post about that soon)

Source: Summer 2015 Setlists

Things that have happened this Spring

As usual, I’ve been pretty bad at updating this page (It’s easier just to post to twitter and IG), but I’ve been working at it both my regular stuff, as well as the Phish art which tends to pick up right before tour.

South Street Spring Festival

For a third year, I was asked by Tattooed Mom to represent their fine establishment at the Spring Festival. Along with a couple other artists, we peddled our wares while thousands of people checked out our stuff and asked if we did tattoos (TMom’s is a bar)


Spring Fest Press Preview
Spring Fest Press Preview


New Wheatpastes at Tattooed Moms


You know you made it when your stuff gets plagerized

Some Philly band decided to steal my image for their posters, even after I informed them I’d be willing to let them use it for a fee ( we don’t do this for free).  So that sucks.  And I’m sure they do as well.  If you see this poster somewhere, do me a favor and rip it down.  I’ve contacted them about this, but they seem to have better things to do.


More stuff coming soon.  I should be at First Friday on June 6th in Old City Philadelphia.  I’ll be selling whatever I didn’t sell at Spring Fest.  I’ll be also updating my other site more, since I’ve been getting lots of commissions for shows and songs illustrations!

Tattooed Mom – A home for the Philadelphia street art community.

Great little article about one of my favorite places in philly (plus there’s a picture of me in it!)

Laura Storck Photography

Tattooed Mom is a South Street dive bar and home to the Philadelphia street art community.  Called “Tmoms” by regulars, it is a gathering place for street artists to promote self-expression by making and swapping their own works; it’s where tagging
nearly every inch of the bar is encouraged. I will present a photo essay on
Tmoms and the diversity of people it attracts, and how it’s patrons
demonstrate their kinships and artistic sensibilities. The environment at
Tmoms offers a sense of community and belonging for street artists and their
supporters who are hailed as both social pariahs and paragons.

Tattooed Mom is located at 530 South Street in Philadelphia. Tattooed Mom is located at 530 South Street in Philadelphia.

At 10 p.m., the night was just getting started. People of all ages, ethnicities, and walks of life were found congregating in the front room. Typically around 10 p.m., the night is just getting started. People of all ages, ethnicities, and walks of life can be found congregating in the front room.

Caption 3 here. At the Friend of a Friend Street Art Mixer, artists came together to adorn blank…

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Sancti Calvariam

I’ve come up with some new(ish) things the last couple weeks.  I’ve continued to draw and paint on new surfaces, including wood, vinyl, floppy disks, ect.  Although some are for sale, the majority of the work I’ve done lately has ended up on the streets of Philadelphia.  I’ve revisited the theme of saints, which has been a favorite of mine.  Each drawing is done with oil markers, as well as copic markers.  They are then installed throughout the city.

They are up all over the city, some prominent, others hidden out of sight.  Philly has a very active and diverse street art scene, and it’s share of devoted fans who document it.  For a sample of what Philly offers check out Elgrba and DDay521‘s Instagram feeds for a taste.

I’ve got 2 larger ones I’ve done for sale via my shop.  I’ll be doing more large pieces in the near future as well

st nicholas
St. Nicholas-mixed media on encaustic board
St. Patrick
St. Patrick- mixed media on encaustic board.