The Girls

2009-present. Acrylic on canvas. What started out as just an experiment turned into a full series. I played around with continuity, the backgrounds flowing from one painting to another.  At times, I was working on several paintings at once.  Each canvas at one point was used as a palette for the previous painting(s).  I played around before and during using abstraction, patterns, and designs. Using some makeshift printmaking methods, the right figure was then inserted into the background, and layers of colors were added, creating a unity in the painting. This series has been a successful and fun one, actually leading to several commissioned portraits in this manner. I am currently taking limited requests for portraits in this style, contact me for more information.

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girl art


Death Followed By a Question Mark

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An oddball in my photographic catalog, this is among my favorites. It logically should have been a picture of friend posing for a technical assignment, but this was the end result (no alterations on my part). I was using a 4×5 camera with instant Polariod film. It was either defective or crushed, which resulted in this eerie image. Not really the image you’d expect when getting your picture taken.

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death paintings