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Summer Skull Sale

Summers means a lot of free time, which equals a ridiculous amount of art is being produced in my apartment.  To offset this, I’m currently offering original paintings at some cheap-o prices!  These are mixed media, using spray paint stencils and paint markers on discarded acrylic paintings (collected over the years from former students, but not before getting yelled at for throwing out art).

I have about 50 of these canvases, mostly 8×10, but also a couple of 9×12 and 11×14.  Each canvas is unique, and the skulls are stenciled with spray paint, and accented with paint markers.  If there are specific colors you’d like, let me know and I’d be happy to oblige.  8×10 are $10 dollars, 9×12 are $15, and 11×14 are $20.  Shipping costs are already included, so you can’t beat this deal with a stick!

8×10 $10.00    

9×12  $15.00   

11×14 $20.00  

(To ensure you get your painting as soon as possible, email me at after making your purchase)

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A few of  the skulls I have done so far..more to come