Art Printmaking

Esther Series

This is a suite based off of a Phish song called “Esther”.  A young girl receives a mysterious doll, with nothing good coming out of it.  Block prints 2003

Update: Prints now available!

..And she stared at the bucket bewildered
Til he lifted the doll for the young girl to see

And a giant smile grew on her face

And she thanked the man quickly and ran to the church
And she burst through the door with puppet held high
And a hush filled the chapel, and the people looked mean

But the wind was blowing harder
And her skirt began to billow
Until finally her feet began to lift
And she rose above the houses and the people
And the chimneys
And Esther and the doll were set adrift

And she began to plummet earthward till she
Landed in the nasty part of town

When suddenly she felt a tiny tugging at her toe.
And the puppet she’d forgotten wrapped it’s tiny
Little arms around her ankle and wouldn’t let her go.

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