Summer Tour

Its that time of year once again! Phish tour 2014 is fast approaching, and with school ending soon, I’m finding more time to create some stuff for the summer.  With 2 nights at the Mann Center, it seemed fitting to create a poster for this show.  With the city skyline visible from the venue, and a zoo within walking distance, it only seemed fitting to use a Slave to the Traffic Light reference.  Image

The print is a 6 layer stencil (no registration- I had to line these up by hand) and spray paint on braille paper. They measure 8.5×11 (fits in a document frame.) Each one has a different sunset, and different colored lettering. I also have 2 available with smaller lettering on the top right corner. I will be doing a total edition of 50 of these, 10 will be available through etsy (Find the rest on the lot!) I can take request for specific colors, with small or large lettering, or no lettering at all until print all 50.



As I’m sure there are plenty of fans of my work that aren’t Phish fans, I’ll be working on a site to focus on that work.  First couple posts will be reposts from here, but I’ll quickly be adding new sketches and drawings, as well as original works and prints for sale.  More details to come!

Art Paintings

Phish Phrenzy

It’s that time of year again!   With my schedule, it seems a toss up how many shows I’ll make it to.  I made these for the show I’ll be going to in Atlantic City (day one at Bader Field).  I figure if I’ll be tailgating, I might as well make sell some art.


I made these over the course of two days, on account of it being too hot outside over Memorial day weekend.  The antelope was a simple one layer stencil, but the traffic light was 4 layers, no registration.

Making good use of pennies

I’ll have a couple up on etsy, the rest will be sold on the road.



Art Paintings

X-Ray Vision

What started as a simple 1 layer stencil for a sticker (and possible wheat paste in the near future) turned into a 4 layer stencil I put on some canvas panels.  It’s been a while since I’ve worked with multi-layer stencils, which really makes me want to do some screen prints soon. It was a bit tough making sure the layers were lined up without any registration,  one of the reasons I’m selling these so cheap. Each one is unique and on an 8×10 canvas panel.  I’ll be making more variations, and custom color schemes are available upon request.

Art Paintings

Heart Skulls

I made some new heart skulls on a bunch of 8×10 canvases I found in the trunk of my car.  I made the stencil on copy paper since I couldn’t find my transparency paper, and it has somehow held up.  We’ll see how many I can get down before the stencil calls it quits.

These and more skulls are available on Etsy.

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Art Misc Paintings

Summer Skull Sale

Summers means a lot of free time, which equals a ridiculous amount of art is being produced in my apartment.  To offset this, I’m currently offering original paintings at some cheap-o prices!  These are mixed media, using spray paint stencils and paint markers on discarded acrylic paintings (collected over the years from former students, but not before getting yelled at for throwing out art).

I have about 50 of these canvases, mostly 8×10, but also a couple of 9×12 and 11×14.  Each canvas is unique, and the skulls are stenciled with spray paint, and accented with paint markers.  If there are specific colors you’d like, let me know and I’d be happy to oblige.  8×10 are $10 dollars, 9×12 are $15, and 11×14 are $20.  Shipping costs are already included, so you can’t beat this deal with a stick!

8×10 $10.00    

9×12  $15.00   

11×14 $20.00  

(To ensure you get your painting as soon as possible, email me at after making your purchase)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A few of  the skulls I have done so far..more to come


2 Legit 2 Quit

Art Prints

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The Girls – Spring 2011

I just recently had my easter break (10 glorious days) which gave me the time and motivation to do some painting after a bit of a hiatus (work and some freelance stuff was taking up all my time). I’ve been working with oil markers a lot lately, and have been incorporating it more into my paintings. Although a bit tricky at first, I was able to utilize them to create a painterly effect with more control. This control allowed me to do what I’ve wanted with acrylic, to a point I am using very little of it. These paintings are mainly spray paint, oil marker, and masking fluid, built on layers in a more consistent manner than my previous paintings. At 25, this is my largest series yet, and it seems it may continue for bit more.

Click on the pictures to view in detail in a new tab.

girl paintings

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Sense a Trend?

Acrylic, spray paint on 16×20 canvas

Prints available for sale

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