The Girls – Spring 2011

I just recently had my easter break (10 glorious days) which gave me the time and motivation to do some painting after a bit of a hiatus (work and some freelance stuff was taking up all my time). I’ve been working with oil markers a lot lately, and have been incorporating it more into my paintings. Although a bit tricky at first, I was able to utilize them to create a painterly effect with more control. This control allowed me to do what I’ve wanted with acrylic, to a point I am using very little of it. These paintings are mainly spray paint, oil marker, and masking fluid, built on layers in a more consistent manner than my previous paintings. At 25, this is my largest series yet, and it seems it may continue for bit more.

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girl paintings

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X-Ray Vision

Acrylic, spray paint on multi-panel canvas (12×12)

New painting,  I might try a couple more like this.  Prints available soon.



The Girls II

2009-Present. A continuation of The Girls series.

Select Giclee prints available for sale

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Pencil and paper 2008-2009
A fun series to do, one of my largest. The dilemma of shifting to dinosaur drawings or female figure drawings was solved one day with the seeming illogical “why not both”. One of my largest series (about 25), about 8 are currently at Progressive Galleries in Lancaster, Pa. The rest have been sitting around since my schedule hasn’t really allowed time or money towards framing them all. Hopefully soon I’ll make that happen and they will be able to grace a gallery wall.


update: Ceratopsian t shirts available!




Arsinoitherium (Technically an extinct mammal)

Tyrannosaurus Rex


 All Images © Josean Rivera 2010

Select prints available for sale.

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