Things that have happened this Spring

As usual, I’ve been pretty bad at updating this page (It’s easier just to post to twitter and IG), but I’ve been working at it both my regular stuff, as well as the Phish art which tends to pick up right before tour.

South Street Spring Festival

For a third year, I was asked by Tattooed Mom to represent their fine establishment at the Spring Festival. Along with a couple other artists, we peddled our wares while thousands of people checked out our stuff and asked if we did tattoos (TMom’s is a bar)


Spring Fest Press Preview
Spring Fest Press Preview


New Wheatpastes at Tattooed Moms


You know you made it when your stuff gets plagerized

Some Philly band decided to steal my image for their posters, even after I informed them I’d be willing to let them use it for a fee ( we don’t do this for free).  So that sucks.  And I’m sure they do as well.  If you see this poster somewhere, do me a favor and rip it down.  I’ve contacted them about this, but they seem to have better things to do.


More stuff coming soon.  I should be at First Friday on June 6th in Old City Philadelphia.  I’ll be selling whatever I didn’t sell at Spring Fest.  I’ll be also updating my other site more, since I’ve been getting lots of commissions for shows and songs illustrations!

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I draw skulls, dinosaurs, girls, and things pertaining to Phish.
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