Flashback to 2010. Still got most of them in my closet, ready to put them for sale finally

Josean Rivera

Pencil and paper 2008-2009
A fun series to do, one of my largest. The dilemma of shifting to dinosaur drawings or female figure drawings was solved one day with the seeming illogical “why not both”. One of my largest series (about 25), about 8 are currently at Progressive Galleries in Lancaster, Pa. The rest have been sitting around since my schedule hasn’t really allowed time or money towards framing them all. Hopefully soon I’ll make that happen and they will be able to grace a gallery wall.


update: Ceratopsian t shirts available!




Arsinoitherium (Technically an extinct mammal)

Tyrannosaurus Rex


Select prints available for sale.

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By josean

I draw skulls, dinosaurs, girls, and things pertaining to Phish.
Original artwork and prints http://www.etsy.com/shop/joseeen
Select giclee prints http://josean-rivera.artistwebsites.com/
Ramblings and pics https://twitter.com/joseeen

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