Illustrated Setlists now available in different sizes!

Not just reading the book,

I have been getting requests for my illustrated setlists in larger sizes.  I’ve looked into it and hadn’t really been satisfied with the pricing or quality.  I had completely overlooked a service, that I’ve actually used in the past,  Fine Art America.  I’ve actually been using this service since 2010, and have actually seen the prints themselves.


They offer various sizes, as well as many different formats ( acrylic, canvas, metal, and even framed prints)


I’ll be adding all future shows to this service, and including links in the etsy listings for them as well.


Check them out, as well as over a 100 other prints of my original artwork via Fine Art America.

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By josean

I draw skulls, dinosaurs, girls, and things pertaining to Phish.
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2 replies on “Illustrated Setlists now available in different sizes!”

My wife, son and I received the “Driver” art….absolutely amazing. Your art keeps my brother alive. Thank you.

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