Tuesday is Pizza Day

It’s been a while since I’ve created some new art. I’ve spent my year distance teaching K-8 art, which has been pretty tricky. I’ve filled up sketch pads in the last couple months, but they are filled with examples for my art lessons, or drawings from my one-on-one sessions with students!

I recently introduced my students to the work of Ron Magnes, an Pittburgh based artist known for his food inspired digital art. My students learned how to draw a pizza slice and drew their favorite toppings on them. I did many sessions during my office hours showing students how to draw pizza slice, and each time I had the Ween song “Someday” going through my head. The words “Tuesday…is pizza day” got stuck in my head, eventually leading to some sketches.

You know what they say about Tuesdays..

I knew I wanted to do this image as a block print, and opted for a reduction print, which would allow me to do several colors. I was a bit nervous since I’ve only done 2 of these before, and it requires registration to make sure all the layers line up. But I had nothing to lose and went for it!

The image was created via a three color reduction process using waterbased ink for the color layers and Speedball Supergraphic oil based ink for the black layer. Image is 9×12 on 11×14 paper, signed and editioned. Available as 2 Variants, a regular and neon color editions. Each variant is available in 2 paper choices, a white Canson mixed media paper (98lb), and a crème Canson cold pressed watercolor paper (140lb).

Prints available in my Etsy Shop.

I’ve also gotten a small amount of shirts made as well as stickers!